Leaving your child for the first time can be an anxious time for both parents and children. We have an orientation and transitioning program for all new children at the centre; this is arranged in consultation with parents.

Our aim is for each child to separate happily from their parent, to develop strong and trusting relationships with the educators and other children and to relax and enjoy the daily activities that are provided. How long this takes varies from child to child. Some children will settle in quickly, others will take longer; others may decide a few weeks down the track that they do not want to come any more.

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The Centre Director and educators will guide and support you when leaving your child, please ask an educator for help. We encourage all parents to make contact with the Centre Director to discuss their child’s day and experiences throughout the day to reassure them that their child is okay and to talk to the educator if anything is bothering them.

It is important that each child’s initial contact is positive and happy and we offer an extensive orientation program to all families. It is much better for you and your child to get to know us better before you have to leave them. When a parent is happy and comfortable within an environment, generally the child will be as well. We have outlined some strategies that will help every child settle on their first day and help make their time with us happy and stimulating.

How you can help your child settle:

If you have any concerns about settling your child into the centre please do not hesitate to talk to the Centre Director and educators. We have many strategies we can work through with you.

Prepare them

When it’s time to Leave

Always say goodbye

Use regular set phrases

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Our centres provide high quality education and care.

Our centres provide high quality education and care.