We aim to ensure that parents have all the necessary information so your children feel settled and excited to start at our centre.

Having complete the orientation sessions we find that parents and children are familiar with the environment and educators and it does not take long for children to settle.

There are some important things you need to make sure you have completed before the first day. Please use New Family Checklist to remind you of task needing to be completed.

We also recommend you read the Parent Information section of the website to review the following:

Have you received a tour of the centre and received our welcome email?

Have you contacted Centrelink/myGov to obtain information and update your information? (including authorising your child’s attendance in the mygov app or via telephone)?

Have you been informed of the centre’s rating and assessment status and our quality improvement plan?

Have you been introduced to educators?

Enrolment Form, CWA and Direct Debit Authority Form completed?

Have you been informed of the centre policies and procedures including; Open- Door Policy, Sun Safety Policy, Emergency Management Plan, Immunisation Policy, and Medical Conditions Policy and Procedures?

Advised of hours of operation, fee policy and schedule; including charges for public holidays, sick days and absent days?

Have you been informed of the Immunisation Policy and the need to maintain your child Immunisation Record in OWNA?

Completed Medication Conditions Form and uploaded onto OWNA? (if applicable)

Have you been informed about the various Educator-Parent communication methods used within the centre?

You have access to the OWNA: Portal and App? (Download the App from App Stores.)

Discussed the curriculum and the features of our educational programs? Completed the All About Me form and your Child’s Learning Plan?

Been shown the sign in and out Kiosk?

Reviewed the recommendations for what your child needs to bring?

Been provided a centre calendar of events and discussed upcoming events?

Download our printable family checklist to get you and your child ready to start at one of our centres.
Download our printable family checklist to get you and your child ready to start at one of our centres.
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