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Our priority is providing your child with a safe, clean and nurturing environment. All our centres are only accessible via single-entry security keypad access and there are no external entry points to the playground or outdoor areas.

An electronic record is kept of every child’s daily arrival and departure times and the adult responsible for picking up and dropping off the child must sign in using the electronic kiosk. A child will not be released to an unauthorised person or any persons under the age of 18.

All educators are trained in first aid and asthma & anaphylaxis care and no educators are present without a current Working With Children Check (WWCC). We hold our child protection, safety and security procedures in the highest regard and will not compromise on safety when it comes to the protection of your children.

Arrival and Departure from the Centre

Children are to be delivered to and collected by a responsible adult of at least eighteen years of age.

If your child will be absent from the Centre for any reason, please telephone the Centre.

Regulations require that if we cannot contact the parent/guardian at closing time, educators will wait 5 minutes and then emergency contacts will be called to collect the child. If we still cannot contact you or any of your emergency contacts 30 minutes after closing time, we will call local Police and the incident will be reported to the Department of Child Protection.

Visitors to the Centre and Emergency Contacts

We do not allow any unauthorised visitors entry to the centre. Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Unknown people will be asked to show photo identification upon arrival at the centre and their name is required to be listed as an Authorised Nominee contact on the child’s enrolment form.

Attendance Records: Sign In/Out Using the Kiosk

We utilise QK Kiosk which allows parents and authorised family contacts to electronically sign children in and out by entering a digital pin into the touchscreens located at reception – this is an efficient and sustainable practice.

It is important for safety and legal reasons to sign your child in and out each day. If an unfamiliar person is collecting your child, it is your responsibility to update your child’s enrolment form and also inform the Educators.

If you have forgotten your PIN or needing to change your mobile number please see the Centre Director. Please keep your PIN confidential. If you have forgotten your PIN please see the Centre Director.

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Our centres provide high quality education and care.

Our centres provide high quality education and care.