We aim to instil in all children the importance of maintaining a lifelong respect for food and living a healthy lifestyle.

It is important that children understand where food comes from and each centre uses fresh seasonal produce. During meal times educators discuss food, nutrition and hygiene. All meals are prepared in accordance with Food Safety and Nutrition standards plus dietary, cultural and medical needs. Each classroom has a copy of all dietary requirements and food allergies plus we encourage families to meet with the cook during the orientation process to discuss your child’s specific needs.

To ensure strict compliance with all nutrition guidelines and due to children’s allergies, we ask all families not to bring any food into the centres and support our nut free policy. We do allow you to bring in cakes to celebrate your child’s birthday, however, the cake must be purchased from a commercial outlet and have a food label detailing the contents. We are a nut-free centre to keep our children with allergies safe.

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Our centres provide high quality education and care.

Our centres provide high quality education and care.