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Accessing an early learning centre for the first time can be stressful for children and families. Every child will have at least three orientation visits prior to starting at the centre so they can get to know the educators, their new friends and the environment. They will join in experiences and activities and meals happening during the orientation time. The orientation visits are short visits and we ask that you stay at the centre during this time.

During the orientation sessions it is a great time to ask any questions you may have.

Classroom Routines

The key to maintaining consistency across home and centre is open communication between families, educators and children. Routines are built around the regular events of the day. For example: arrival, snacks and drinks, toileting/nappy change, main meals, washing, dressing, sleeping and departure. Children need routines to help them settle and feel comfortable. Effective consultation provides a strong foundation upon which the centre can develop programs and routines that meet the abilities, needs and interests of your child and family.

Therefore, it is important for you to provide the centre with current information about your child’s experiences at home, as well as with information about any requirements that you have or issues that are affecting your child. This will help educators to understand what is happening with your child outside of care and to follow up on this during your child’s daily experiences and routines at the centre.

This information will be collected as part of the enrolment pack, and we encourage you to talk to educators about any changes as they arise to keep us all as up-to-date as possible about your child’s needs.

We have an Open Door Policy and parents can access the centre at any time during opening hours and any time throughout the day see your child, also you may call the centre and speak to one of the educators. Children who are not enrolled at the centre, such as siblings or other family members, can only be present at the centre on a temporary basis, and under the direct supervision of their parent/guardian or other responsible adult.

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Our centres provide high quality education and care.

Our centres provide high quality education and care.